Saturday, June 19, 2021

X-Men vs. Street Fighter for Megadrive undumped as of June 2021

"There exists a Mega Drive/Genesis version of "X-Men vs. Street Fighter". It's rare and is currently undumped. It differs from the SNES version in that the Mega Drive/Genesis version uses the Mega Drive fighting engine, the same sound engine and a Chinese title screen."

Friday, June 18, 2021

Nintendo LodgeNET promo video found on a cd-r in a parking lot of a hotel

This small story is very fun and amazing, BLUamnEsiac from the LodgeNET community found this cd-r in a rough shape in a parking lot outside a hotel and it was marked "Adult Collections November 2001" and on in was this promo video for the now defunct and very hard to find hardware of the Nintendo LodgeNET service!. With his permission I uploaded it to youtube.

"LodgeNet partnered with Nintendo to bring video games directly into guest hotel rooms through streaming over the LodgeNet server, with the special LodgeNet controller plugging directly into the TV or LodgeNet set-top box, transmitting the game over phone lines connected to a central game server. Pricing was usually $6.95 plus tax for 1 hour of video games. After 1 hour, the game would immediately stop and prompt the user to purchase more play time. Many games were modified for single-player play only."
As of 2021 no surviving LodgeNET containing a HD has been found and dumped but coolmod has posted a few pictures of it's internals (HD missing). 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Some sweet recent Cdda hacks of Megadrive games

Recently I bumped into the zeldix forum, here you can find various cdda hacks of Megadrive games, some have been deleted elsewhere but are still uploaded there, I recommend grabbing them all for archiving since they are on filelockers that will be dead in a year.

Outback Joey dumped for Megadrive by Nikaotix - a game that makes use of a heart rate monitor

"Outback Joey is an extremely rare Sega Mega Drive game. It was bundled with the Heartbeat Personal Trainer exclusively in North America and was not sold separately. As the Heartbeat Personal Trainer only had a production run of 1000 units, it is assumed only 1000 copies of Outback Joey exist too." 

"You'll need a new nightly of BlastEm to play it, as it requires emulation of the HeartBeat Trainer peripheral. The peripheral controls are mapped to X/Y and Z/C on the six-button controller."

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Dee Dee Planet beta released for Dreamcast by pcwzrd13

"It was developed by Dori Dock and it's a fun little action-arcade game with a gameplay similar to the Worms series. A release in Japan was scheduled for August 10, 2000. However, due to technical issues, it had to be postponed."



Official site on 

Tomba manga scan and translation project by Tomba Club

Did you know that the great Psx series Tomba had a manga? well neither did I, but now n i c o, AtanoK Si and belay of the Tomba club community have begun scanning and translating it!.

The raw Japanese scans in one .7z 1.9 GB chunk:
Fan translation of the September 1999 chapter:

Some info in Japanese about the manga: 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Metal Gear Solid Mobile now works in the Symbian/N-gage emulator EK2L1

"Metal Gear Solid Mobile was released by Nokia on the N-Gage platform in 2008. It features original content, 3D art and camera works, an in-game camouflage system, and additional controls specific for N-Gage mobile devices."