Monday, September 5, 2022

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

How to install Japanese Windows 95 in Vmware

1) Use JP win95 floppy to fdisk and format c:

2) For whatever reason there is no cd support during the install so when it asks for .cabs point it to c:\ use JP win98 floppy that has cdrom support to transfer the cabs from the disc: copy win95\*.cab c:\ 

3) Follow these pictures when installing

4) Reboot with this floppy inserted and run the CPU patcher

5) Before installing sound drivers the vmware win95 .vmx must be modified, check instructions here

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Rare 3DO Panasonic M3 GPS navigation software Naviken dumped by Hackinside



Does not run on any machines, may need GPS hardware. 

It is present on the FZ-35S rom located here: and there is one rom found on one other GPS disc here that might give some clues 

Isobuster does not understand this disc format.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Calling all web searchers to find keygen and game dumps for the old Symbian/Ngage game Nightmare by Digital Red



Digital Red or DigiRed was a Chinese game company most famous for making Sango - Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Requiem of Hell which were Diablo-style games for the Ngage/SymbianOS, based on the same engine as these two games they also made Nightmare, while Sango and Requiem have both been preserved cracked and are playable in the emulator EKA2L1, Nightmare on the other hand has not been, the Keygens and some scene releases that were available for this game seems to have been lost in time

I did find the following:

Digital Red Nightmare 1.00 for Nokia92XX SymbianOS6.sis but it doesn't run in any of the roms in EKA2L, the demo on the other hand runs and works with the N-gage rom in EKA2L1, I have added both in a zip to this post here:

Someone did find the keygen for "Digital Red Nightmare v1 01 UIQ SymbianOS7" but not the actual game dump of v1.01, I tried it with the dump of the demo v1.00 and it did not work.

So I am calling all file searchers to be on the look out for the original .zip dumps of this game and the keygen to go with the specific versions of this game across all ftps,archives,newsgroups,obscure russian,chinese sites etc.

Here's what you should be looking for:

Digital Red Nightmare v1.00 for Nokia92XX
Digital Red Nightmare v1.01 UIQ SymbianOS7
Digital Red Nightmare v1.02 S60 SymbianOS6

The official site of this game:


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Longplay of the Korean 3DO SRPG Battle Blues


Well I finally decided to make a longplay of this game, I still remember waiting forthis game to surface and how it finally got ripped around 2011:ish and how excited I was to finally be able to play this very unique Korean 3DO game, and now Jeremy Decola made a fan translation of it!.

There was just one problem, the game was ass fucking hard, even with Jeremy Decolas rebalancing patching of the game it required some infinite hp cheats, and I thank BBkris for taking the time to make them for me!.

Jeremy Decolas page of the fan translation

Prepatched iso thanks to Archive3DO

Cheats by BBkris for use with Retroarch 3DO core:

Money cheat

Inf HP for 3 character:

Inf HP for all characters:

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Running Philips CD-i in Mame Super Crazy Fool Proof Tutorial 2021

This might seem very basic, but it's actually not available anywhere on the internet, specially the part about having to change CDI/2352 to MODE1/2352 in the .cue file for it to work, so I thought i'd make a tiny tutorial for all people who'd like to try all the newly dumped cdi stuff in mame that's coming out these days. Thanks to Foxhack for some tips.

1. Download MameUI -

2. Download bleeding the edge cdi bios dump

3. Unpack cdimono1.7z and make it into a zip with the same name

4. Download a game, as an example we're going to use a newly dumped disc that we will turn into a .chd as there are now many new dumped games not included in the official mame set that needs to be turned into .chds to work

5. Open up the Let's Sing Together - With Nature.cue with a text editor and change the following:

CATALOG 0000000000000
FILE "Let's Sing Together - With Nature.bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 CDI/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

So that it looks like this

CATALOG 0000000000000
FILE "Let's Sing Together - With Nature.bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

then save it.

6. Download and unpack it, drag the Let's Sing Together - With Nature.cue file onto Cue or GDI to CHD.bat

7. Put and Let's Sing Together - With Nature.chd into the Mame/Roms directory

8. Run Mame and look for the CD-i (Mono-I) (PAL) entry and start it, now that it has been started hit tab and a menu will appear, scroll down to File Explorer and pick Cdrom and select Let's Sing Together - With Nature.chd that's inside your Mame/Roms directory, wait a while for the aqua colored screen to disappear and your game should now load, enjoy.